Request for Quotation (2)- see

Request for Quotation

Written tender procedure under the investment project entitled " Implementation of modern integrated cast iron melting system".

Under the aforementioned project the Board of Directors, Elzamech Foundry, hereby invites you to submit a binding quotation, in the meaning of Article 66 of Civil Code, for installation of a 12-tonnes single melting pot medium-frequency induction furnace, construction of the charge area and installation of auxiliary equipment..

The offer shall include the cost connected with:

  I.Construction of the charge area:

   1.Option 1

Demolition and dismantling of the existing structure
Delivery and assembly of the overhead crane including scales and coil on the existing substructure of the track
Construction of boxes for charge material
Delivery of the loading carriage
Construction of the ferroalloy weighing unit

   2.Option 2

Demolition and dismantling of the existing structure
Construction of pillars and substructure of the track for a new overhead crane
Delivery and assembly of the overhead crane including scales and coil
Construction of boxes for charge material
Delivery of the loading carriage
Construction of the ferroalloy weighing unit
All parameters shall be selected in such manner, so as to ensure loading of the 12 t furnace within an appropriate time limit.

  II.Complete mechanical and electric assembly of the induction furnace:

1.Construction of foundation for the furnace , furnace facilities and auxiliaries
2.Construction and assembly of the cooling installation and emergency cooling installation (water circuit piping installation made of stainless steel) as well as installation for emergency deflection
3.Construction and installation of the furnace flue gas extraction system, capacity approximately 35000m3/h
4.All installation and construction material necessary for furnace and auxiliary equipment installation
5.Connection of furnace with MV switchgear -15kV

  III.Preparation of complete as-built documentation

  IV.Equipment commissioning and personnel training

  V.Performance of tests:

Effectiveness of electric shock protection
Electromagnetic field intensity together with definition of radiation zones
Noise level with definition of zones
Efficiency of dust removal

  VI.Purchase and delivery of a slender ladle with cover for spheroidising annealing by Tundish method, capacity 12ton (metal discharge to the ladle will be directly from the furnace).

  VII.Purchase and delivery of spectroscope to determine the chemical content of the cast iron (required co-operation of the spectroscope with the furnace system generating the charge order).

  VIII.Delivery DDU Elbląg.

We would be pleased to welcome you in our company in order to review the present condition and discuss the aforementioned issues.

The following criteria will be taken into account during selection of the offer:

  • logistic solution of the charge area
  • quality and technical innovation of the equipment
  • price
  • warranty conditions
  • service conditions
  • payment conditions

For detailed information concerning the subject of the offer as well as any other technical data which might be of interest to the Bidder, please contact Mr Witold Klucznik, telephone number: 883 369 417 email address

Completion date of the project- 30 November 2011.

Validity of the offer - not shorter than until 31 March 2011.

Offer should be signed by persons authorised to represent your company.

Offer shall be accompanied by:

  • documents confirming the authority to represent the company;
  • documents confirming the registration of the company according to the local law, enclosed as originals, or copies confirmed by notary public.

Offers shall be submitted in person, or by signed-for post, to the Company office under the address 82-300 Elbląg ul. Dolna 4a, until 07 February 2011, until 14.00 hours.

The offers shall be prepared in the Polish language , currency of the offer PLN.

Elzamech Foundry reserves the right to cancel the tender procedure if the price of the most advantageous offer complying with technical requirements exceeds the amount budgeted by the Purchaser for the purchase.

We are looking forward to obtaining your quotation.

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