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Written tender procedure for the delivery of equipment for the investment project entitled "Implementation of modern integrated cast iron melting system".

Under the aforementioned project the Board of Directors, Elzamech Foundry, hereby invites you to submit a binding quotation, in the meaning of Article 66 of Civil Code, for the delivery of single melting pot medium-frequency induction furnace for cast iron, together with accessories

Furnace parameters

1. Capacity 12 ton
2. Rated power consumption up to 4500kW
3. 24-pulse converter
4. Cooling system suitable for operation in climatic conditions on User's site (hot summers and cold winters with freezing temperatures) 
5. Withdrawal-type cover tilting in two directions 
6. Optionally - reverse deflection of the furnace for slag removal - preferred deflection angle 30° 
7. Computer-aided control system working with spectrometer, with capabilities including computation and correction of the charge, storage of all melting parameters for further analysis . 
8. A complete set of refractory material for first lining together with model and a set of appropriate vibrators (for bottom and walls) 
9. Complete set of drawings and Operation and Maintenance manuals in Polish.

Moreover we expect that the offer includes:

1. Cost of all installation and erection material Electric accessories (all cables and connections from transformer secondary terminals to the furnace) Hydraulic actuators Water side of the cooling system (made of stainless steel) 
2. Cost of supervision of erection, supervision of commissioning and training 
3. Optionally cost of spare parts and consumables (wear parts) including list of spare parts and consumables and expected life time after the warranty period 
4. Optionally cost of a spare coil 
5. Value of cos fi coefficient (values to be presented in the entire range of power consumption during the melting process) as well as calculation of natural frequencies of current and voltage disturbances 
6. Predicted value of magnetic field in 10 m radius from the furnace 
7. Packing and delivery DDU Elbląg.

Criteria for selection of the winning offer will be as follows:

  • price
  • rated capacity
  • maximum capacity
  • rated energy consumption (per one ton), overheating temperature
  • thickness of refractory
  • cooling of the furnace appropriate to the climatic conditions on Owner's site
  • warranty conditions
  • service conditions
  • payment conditions
  • operation cost.

For detailed information concerning the subject of the offer as well as any other technical data which might be of interest to the Bidder, please contact Mr Witold Klucznik, telephone number: 55 239 71 48, email address

Delivery date of the furnace not later than 6 months from the contract conclusion.

Validity of the offer not shorten than until 28th February 2011.

Offer shall be signed only by persons authorised to represent your company.

Offer shall be accompanied by:

  • documents confirming the authority to represent the company;
  • documents confirming the registration of the company according to the local law, enclosed as originals, or copies confirmed by notary public.

Offers shall be submitted in person, or by signed-for post, to the Company office under the address 82-300 Elbląg ul. Dolna 4a, until 14 January 2011.

Offers shall be drawn up in Polish and the currency of the offer shall be EUR.

Elzamech Foundry reserves the right to cancel the tender procedure if the price of the most advantageous offer complying with technical requirements exceeds the amount budgeted by the Purchaser for the purchase.

We are looking forward to obtaining your quotation.


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