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New request for Quotation

Written bidding process concerning the CapEx project entitled “Implementation of an innovative simulation system for casting (pouring) and solidification and construction of metallographic test stands and casting test stand” financed from the means of RPO Warmia i Mazury for years 2007÷2013.

Under the aforementioned project the Board of Directors, Elzamech Foundry, hereby invites you to submit your binding quotations, within the meaning of Article 66 of Civil Code, for the procurement of simulation system for pouring and solidification of casts together with a workstation.

The purpose of the system shall be the simulation of the pouring, solidification and cooling process of casts in order to design and optimize the process of grey cast iron and nodular cast iron casting production weighing from 1000 to 30 000 kg in sand moulds with organic binders.

The purpose of the project is the cost reduction of the cast production and casting process quality increase as a result of:

  • lead time reduction for the implementation of innovative nodular cast iron castings in ELZAMECH Foundry.
  • optimisation of the manufacturing process parameters in terms of use of material, metal gains, selection of gate and feed system,
  • prediction of casting quality class and their structure,
  • reduction of non-conformances as a result of reduced number of trial casts in manufacturing conditions.

The required functions of the system:

  • efficient casting simulation weighing up to 30 000 kg, confirmed by a reference list,
  • specially dedicated module for cast iron solidification anallysis considering pre-shrinkage expansion,
  • simulation of filling mould cavity with metal,
  • simulation of cast solidification and cooling process,
  • generation of project database and project database management,
  • direct modelling of the geometry of solids,
  • 3D geometry import from CAD systems,
  • Simultaneous use of imported geometry (for example, of a cast) with the geometry directly modelled in the casting simulation system (such as components of casting manufacturing process),
  • Visualisation and animation of proceses:
    • 1. mould filling process to assess the process vs. time (velocity field, pressure and temperature of liquid metal),
    • 2. flow vortices,
    • 3. air displacement from the recess of the mould and pressure increase (risk of gas bubble defect),
    • 4. cast solidification process (temperature field, liquid/ solid phase fraction, determination of the solidification direction),
    • 5. mould and core heating and cooling process,
  • identification of:
    • 1. the areas on the mould and core surfaces prone to mass erosion,
    • 2. thermal nodes of the casting,
  • visualisation of:
    • 1. the material density distribution (location of porosities) in any place in the casting,

Desired functions of teh system:

  • Prediction of:
    • 1. microstructure depending on the specified chemical composition of metal and solidification conditions,
    • 2. mechanical properties of castings (strength of material, hardness, etc.) depending on the specified chemical composition of metal and solidification conditions
  • automatic optimisation of gate systems (automatic selection of optimum cross-sections of gate system components),
  • automatic optimisation of feed systems (automatic selection of optimum number, size and location of feeders),
  • automatic optimisation of directional solidification (automatic selection of optimum number, size and location of external chills),
  • automatic optimisation of structure and mechanical properties vs. chemical composition of liquid cast iron and casting solidification conditions

Your offer shall include the following cost:

  • procurement of software together with 8 core licence for use
  • two-year technical support
  • procurement of a work station with two CPUs (2x6 cores) Intel processor based, with min. 24” screen
  • training

Moreover your offer should include:

  • explict reference to the required functions of the system
  • explict reference to the required functions of the system
  • detailed technical description of the system and offered modules
  • software licence conditions
  • payment conditions
  • service conditions
  • reference list for the last three years including foundries with a similar production profile to ELZAMECH (medium and big grey cast iron and nodular cast iron casting weighing from 1 to 30 tons)
  • hardware configuration of the workstation

The following criteria will be taken into consideration for the award of the order:

  • reference list
  • price
  • payment conditions
  • warranty conditions
  • service conditions
  • software licence conditions
  • functional properties of the system

For detailed information concerning the subject of the offer as well as any other technical data which might be of interest to the Bidder, please contact Mr Witold Klucznik, telephone number: 883 369 417 email address

The validity period of your offer shall not be shorter than until 31 July 2015.

Offers should be signed by persons authorised to represent your company.

Your offer shall be accompanied by:

  • documents confirming the authority to represent the company;
  • documents confirming the registration of the company according to the local law, enclosed as originals, or copies confirmed by a notary public.

Offers shall be submitted in person, or by signed-for post, to the Company office at the address 82-300 Elblšg ul. Dolna 4a by 21st May 2015, 14.h00 (2 p.m.).

The offers shall be submitted in writing as well as on a CD-ROM/DVD.

The offer should be submitted in a sealed envelope with marking “Wdrożenie innowacyjnego systemu do symulacji zalewania i krzepnięcia odlewów oraz stworzenie stanowiska do badań metalograficznych i stanowiska pomiarowego odlewów – przetarg nr 2” (Implementation of an innovative simulation system for casting (pouring) and solidification and construction of metallographic test stands and casting test stand – Bidding Process 2).

The offers shall be prepared in the Polish language, currency of the offer  PLN.

The price must include all the cost involved in the implementation of the order.

Elzamech Foundry reserves the right to cancel the bidding process if the price of the most advantageous offer complying with technical requirements exceeds the amount budgeted by the Purchaser for the purchase.

We are looking forward to obtaining your quotations.

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